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3 Common Problems to Fix in Bathrooms

When there is something wrong with your bathroom, you’re likely to notice. Even a room as small as the bathroom can be the root of a lot of frustration and headaches. There are some minor issues that can be fixed easily, but other issues may need a bit more help. Let’s explore common problems homeowners run into with bathrooms and a bit on how to fix them.

Poor Ventilation

The bathroom’s ventilation system is designed to reduce the humidity in the room and get rid of excess moisture. When this system does not function properly, humidity will remain after you have showered and damage may occur over time to your walls and other areas and items in the bathroom.

You can call a professional to assess your ventilation system and suggest solutions, including replacing damaged fans or cleaning the duct.

Leaking Shower Heads

A shower head that is leaking may not be an immediate reason to consider bathroom repair portland or professionals provide. However, over time this problem can begin costing you and lead to a much higher water bill. You may also begin to experience issues with mold due to excess moisture.

Fixing a leaking shower head can be simple, such as getting a replacement gasket, but you may want to contact professionals if you are not familiar with handling plumbing issues.

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is a common problem and is typically caused by a buildup of debris in your plumbing. You can unclog drains on your own by using a snake, but if that doesn’t work you may need a professional to take the pipes apart and fix the problem.

bathroom repair portland or

Your bathroom can run into several problems, but many of them are simple to fix. Serious problems, though, should be handled by your local plumber.